British Fine Jewellery, handmade to order

Each product description carefully outlines what materials are used. Being aware of the story behind the pieces empowers the customer, allowing them to make ethical and environmentally conscious decisions with their purchases


Recycled metals

All of our jewellery is made only using recycled metals.

We also collect all off-cuts and defected samples to melt down and reuse at a later time.

lab-created Gems

Lab-created gem stones are formed in a laboratory and grown under carefully controlled conditions, mimicking the natural formation under the Earth’s crust. They are identical in materials and have the same molecular makeup as well as physical properties, visual characteristics and hardness level as the natural gemstone. They are an incredible alternative, massively reducing any harm to the environment that traditional mining methods cause.

Natural gems

Our natural gemstones have either been repurposed or sourced from one of our trusted suppliers. Ensuring they have traceable supply chains and are conflict-free and safely mined. Minimising societal and environmental harm.

our team

Toby Vernon, founder

Toby is a self-taught jewellery designer. Having graduated from Westminster University's fashion design course in 2021 he took a new direction and pursued the craft of jewellery making. Not being from a jewellery education has allowed Toby to experiment with traditional processes in a non-conventional way providing him with an opportunity to develop an individual and distinctive style.

Inspired by the jewellery found at the markets in and around Lewes, the town in which he grew up, Toby takes visual cues from the weathered and worn pieces of silver that reveal their history and have their own special patina. Toby believes leaving evidence of the human hand and not glossing over unique imperfections allows not only the maker to remain connected to their creations it also allows the wearer to feel more connected to them too.