The Ouze is named after The River Ouse, which flows through our founder's hometown of Lewes, East Sussex. Like the river's aqueous flow, our experimental designs work in harmony with nature, using recycled materials and slow production principles.
Lewes is recognised globally as the undisputed bonfire capital of the world, with its formidable Bonfire Night celebrations rooted in anarchy and revolution. We honour this spirit of rebellion and non-conformity as we uphold the tradition of fine British jewellery while breaking a few rules along the way. 
At The Ouze, we celebrate imperfection and pay homage to our heritage through hallmarking, etching, and hand carvings. Our pieces are crafted by hand, making each one unique. And sometimes, fingerprints imprinted during the making process are left on the jewellery. This evidence of human touch invites you to connect intimately with your jewellery and to define its story on your own terms.