Rosette Brooch

Recycled .925 Sterling Silver made in Brighton, England.
65 grams
90mm x 40mm

The goal of this piece was to create something that typically looks like fabric. I manipulated the wax to have folds and creases, making it appear as if the object was frozen in solid sterling silver. I chose a rosette design because it presented a fun challenge with its intricate details.

I used pink dentist wax for the mold, which becomes malleable when warmed, even just with your hands. I stretched the wax into a thin sheet, which naturally made the surface uneven. To make the wax even softer, I sat over a hot plate. The heat made it easier to pleat the wax.

Once the mold was finished, I took it to London to be cast in silver. The cast was covered in sprues to ensure the silver flowed consistently around the mold. I then 3D scanned the original model so we could reproduce more. This piece is part of the AW24 Collection.

Behind the making

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